Outcomes-Driven Assessment

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Our structured approach to assessment is designed to systematically track learner progress and measure learner outcomes.

Systematic, Formative Feedback and Authentic Assessment

We measure learner performance frequently and avoid high-pressure, one-time assessments.

Instead of using assignments and exams that foster stress and burnout, we help reorient the evaluation of your learners around their performance over time. Through frequent feedback from faculty and long-term formative assessment of specific learning outcomes, we help your learners focus on developing their skills, rather than being engrossed in summative letter grades. Our approach to assessment evaluates the ability to successfully transfer knowledge and skills from inside the classroom to real-world contexts and situations.

While [students are] inside the university, new careers are being created, and existing ones are being disrupted and transformed. We need to adopt an open architecture, which is the idea of education for life.”
Julio Frenk
Julio Frenk
University of Miami
Evaluating Learner Progress Across Courses and Over Time

Impact Measurement
& Analysis

We help you track impact against a dynamic set of learner engagement, performance, growth, efficacy, and satisfaction metrics.

Minerva-built programs are continuously tracked against a series of benchmarks measuring aggregate learner performance and progress, as well as overall program impact. Our impact measurement process creates a dynamic output that gives you clarity about learner engagement, performance, and growth, as well as learner and instructor perceptions of course efficacy and general satisfaction.

Instructors provide ongoing inputs based on each session, assignment, and learner evaluation, and learners and instructors are regularly surveyed. By generating this wealth of data, we provide a comprehensive view of course and program effectiveness, surfacing key insights for instructor coaching, curricular refinement, and ongoing program success.

Key Success Metrics so Every Learner Benefits

Data-Informed Feedback

We provide robust data tracking tools that empower instructors to evaluate progress and deliver consistent feedback.

The comprehensive tracking and assessment tools in Forum™ empower instructors and institutions to deliver formative feedback, both in the moment and over time. Because every session is recorded, all learners and instructors have access to in-class performance data, including tagged moments, which enables regular informed learner-instructor feedback sessions. Forum also provides a sophisticated assessment tool, letting instructors systematically evaluate each learner against course objectives.

These data can be shared across courses, instructors, and departments, leading to better integration of critique, support, and grading. Students can also follow their own performance and progress, encouraging self-reflection, intellectual growth, and skills development.

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