Our Approach


Innovation Process

We follow a highly collaborative, iterative, and structured innovation process. Each step addresses the functional and technical demands of new program and institution creation, as well as the human aspects of cultural change management.


Envision & Inspire

We define a high-level strategy that catalyzes innovation with a shared internal vision.
Our partners collaborate closely on the definition of the vision and strategy, then begin to communicate the vision and identify internal innovation champions.

Design & Empower

We create an integrated blueprint for change, while galvanizing internal innovation champions.
Our partners engage in understanding all aspects of the design and empower their teams to embrace the new approach.

Build & Enable

We help develop all program components and prepare internal teams for delivery.
Our partners incentivize coordinated efforts across teams to construct curricula, train instructors, and prepare for launch.

Implement & Sustain

We enable ongoing program delivery, while measuring and amplifying the impact of innovation.
Our partners monitor performance, highlight success, and reinforce alignment with the new vision and approach.
I believe that Minerva is our twin operating system. When I first learned about Minerva, it was something I hadn’t seen in other new players at all. It was an organization that had created something new, from scratch, based on the science of learning.”
Ivan Bofarull
Ivan Bofarull
Chief Innovation Officer

Innovation Design Principles

Our entire approach is oriented around improving the quality of learning to provide greater value for learners, institutions, and society.


Our interdisciplinary curriculum design integrates academic and experiential learning and focuses on developing durable, transferable skills.


Our pedagogy and instruction are based in learning science and informed by performance data.

Outcomes-Driven Assessment

Our authentic assessment methodology is tied to specific learning outcomes of measurable mental habits, frameworks, methods, and concepts.

Technology-Enabled Delivery

Our data-rich, first-of-its-kind hybrid platform, Forum™, delivers programs cohesively and connects learning across modalities.

What if we think about space, people, time, and activities differently at our university? What happens if we begin creating spaces and activities that are fluid or flexible?”
Jorge Diaz Cuervo
Jorge Diaz Cuervo
Universidad de la Libertad
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