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Our first-of-its-kind, hybrid platform is a powerful delivery system that facilitates integrated learning journeys across multiple modalities.

Purpose-Built Technology that Enhances Learning

We designed Forum to gather, manage, and analyze data for improved learning outcomes.

Our purpose-built technology provides high quality instructional tools for synchronous, asynchronous, and experiential programming. The data-rich platform offers a coherent — and equitable — learning experience, from course design to the class experience to the assessment of learning outcomes. Our platform evolves and integrates with partner needs, helping your institution stay at the forefront of technological innovations.

Course Builder™ for Syllabus Development and Lesson Planning
Learning Engagement Tools that Enhance Classroom Experience and Management
Impact Measurement that Tracks Performance and Evaluation

of learners find Forum effective at keeping them engaged.

Source: Minerva partner learner surveys, Spring 2022
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Minerva-designed classes are constructed using a range of collaborative activities, including Socratic discussion, live polling, breakout groups, debate, role-playing, simulation, quizzing, and team projects, facilitated seamlessly on Forum.

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Beyond supporting breakout room capabilities, Forum gives instructors access to progress, activity, and engagement within each breakout room in real-time for a depth of content that maximizes success of instructor interventions.

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The Course Builder dashboard empowers instructors with a data-rich tool to create syllabi, lesson plans, and assignments that cross contexts and disciplines and are tagged with specific, trackable objectives and learner outcomes.

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Forum’s instruction and evaluation tools promote greater understanding of the specific mental tools each course is designed to teach. With our sophisticated assessment and grading tools, instructors are able to provide real-time and frequent feedback to their learners.

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The information-rich, technologically-enhanced learning platform is a powerful means of improving educational outcomes.

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