Evidence-Based Pedagogy

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Our pedagogical approach is based on the science of learning and focuses on data-informed instructional design and fully active learning for deep engagement across modalities.

Instructional Design

We based our methodology on decades of research and experience in the learning science.

Our approach to instruction is a systematic application of decades of cognitive and behavioral research in the learning process. From active class engagement to interwoven concepts to deliberate, spaced practice, our pedagogical approach uses evidence to inform our methodology. We help train and support your faculty in these best practices, providing them with a remarkably effective way to teach.

Students no longer want to sit in classrooms for four years and be lectured to over and over again. Instead, today’s college students want to engage in the world around them, from day one.”
Michael Sorrell
Dr. Michael J. Sorrell
Paul Quinn College
The Tenets of Fully Active Learning In Practice For Improved Outcomes
Long-Term Learning Gains with Fully Active Learning

Active learning produces learning gains of at least 8% after three years, compared to a 92% loss with traditional lectures after just six months.

Source: Minerva University internal study, 2019

Engaging Instructional Modalities

We developed an approach that ensures learning is consistent and cohesive across learning platforms, modalities, and environments.

Whether you are creating a new online program or an entirely new institution, participation is crucial to learning. We help you train your faculty in active learning techniques that can be applied to diverse modalities, across virtual and in-person settings. Ensuring that learners are equitably engaged leads to more dynamic classes, better individual outcomes, and improved institutional impact.

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