Security & Privacy

We use best practices and industry standards to achieve compliance with industry-accepted general security and privacy frameworks, which in turn helps our customers meet their own compliance standards.

Unless otherwise stated, the information below refers to the Minerva Forum software provided to partners which Minerva operates as a hosted service.

SOC 2, Risk Assessment, & Security Penetration Testing

Minerva Project is in the process of conducting a SOC 2 Type II audit, with an observation window scheduled from Q4 2021 through Q2 2022. We completed our annual security penetration test with a third-party firm during Q4 2021. We completed our annual risk assessment during Q4 2021.

Security & Incident Response Training

All Minerva Project employees complete security training. Additionally, our team is trained on appropriate incident response procedures in the case of a data breach.


Minerva Project has the operational, product, and policy frameworks in place to be compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Privacy Policy

We share the specific details of personal data we collect and how we use it in our Privacy Policy, available publicly on our website.

Data Collection & Access

We collect and process information in order to provide high-quality teaching and learning services to you. We minimize the data we collect and access. Minerva Project does not sell your data. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.