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A Better Way to Learn


Institutions can now benefit from the proven educational system developed by Minerva Project, first implemented at the Minerva Schools at KGI and its select partner institutions. The Minerva system was designed to enable the rapid development and implementation of sophisticated educational programs for institutions and organizations of all types — from university partners to corporate employers.

Combining an innovative teaching methodology, an advanced educational technology called Forum™, and a structured, modular curriculum the Minerva system has been intentionally designed with a relentless focus on student learning outcomes. By emphasizing active class engagement, deliberate practice, and other empirically proven methods, the system teaches students critical and practical skills, and how to apply those skills in diverse and changing contexts.

System Benefits
  • Flexible implementations for institutions of all types and sizes
  • Fully active learning courses that teach critical adaptive skills
  • Curricula structured for deliberate, spaced practice and knowledge transfer
  • Improved assessments and student learning outcomes

Minerva’s innovative system will strengthen our interdisciplinary curriculum, engaging students in classes both large and small.

Dr. Jamshed Bharucha
Vice Chancellor
SRM University, AP, Amaravati

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Core Components


Evidence-based Instruction

The Minerva teaching methodology incorporates established techniques for improving learning outcomes, as well as innovative structures that impart progressive levels of depth and the ability to utilize concepts learned in one context in new ways and vastly different situations. Demonstrating this type of knowledge transfer is the validation of a student’s deep understanding of the material.

Educational Pillars

Active Learning Classes

Every Minerva class is conducted using Forum, an advanced educational technology incorporating features built expressly to enhance the learning — and teaching — experience. The synchronous, multi-stream video platform enables fully active learning. Continual engagement of class participants has been proven to increase retention, understanding, and retrieval of information. 

Forum Classes

Improved Outcomes

Minerva offers a series of curriculum modules designed to teach key skills, from communication techniques to advanced problem-solving and analytical decision-making. The modules can be configured to deliver a variety of programs for learners at various development levels, from secondary school students to executive leaders. Partners can also adapt the modules to existing curricula or develop entirely new courses using the Minerva scaffold.

Modular Curricula

Partner Solutions


Minerva is building alliances with institutions of various sizes, in diverse global locations. Partners benefit from the educational innovations built for the flagship university programs of the Minerva Schools at KGI. Whether well-established, or entirely new, institutions of all types can reshape their offerings, extend their access to students, and improve their learning outcomes. Partnerships range from institutions of higher education, pre-college programs, corporations, government and non-government organizations.


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