Introducing the Minerva Baccalaureate High School Program

We collaborate closely with leading institutions and organizations to design and deliver custom learning programs that are relevant, resilient, and effective.

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Minerva® offers the most comprehensive approach to developing and delivering innovative learning programs in both online and hybrid settings. Our methodology is based on the science of learning, supported by advanced digital technology, and focused on developing durable, broadly applicable skills — the same competencies needed for success in school, the workforce, and society at large.

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Higher Education

Undergraduate and graduate programs for innovative institutions seeking to enhance and expand their offerings

Higher Ed Solutions
Minerva Baccalaureate

A skills-based, interdisciplinary college preparatory program for high schools focused on improved outcomes

MBacc Program
Professional Learning

Workforce and leadership development for organizations striving to sustain innovation and competitive advantage

Workforce Solutions
Pillars of Transformation

Minerva helps you advance innovation in three key areas: what you teach, the way you teach, and how learning is measured. These fundamental pillars are supported by the purpose-built tools within Forum. Taken together, these components enable improved learning outcomes for individuals at every stage, from high school, undergraduate, and graduate students to young professionals, emerging leaders, and top executives.

Minerva is one of the few players in the world that is comprehensively reforming education, especially around transferable competencies.
Roger Cheng, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Minerva is partnering with agile leaders to create learning programs that drive institutional innovation and organizational improvement.

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Media Coverage

Columnist Tom Vander Ark endorses the innovative Minerva Baccalaureate, as well as our partnership with Paul Quinn College in this recent Forbes piece.

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Building Upon Success

By establishing our flagship university programs, we demonstrated that comprehensive educational reform was not only possible, but could consistently yield better learning outcomes than traditional, information-oriented, lecture-based teaching.

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