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Minerva® helps you build innovative educational programs that accelerate learning and prepare your institution for the future.

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Our Model
Integrated Learning

Our integrated model helps you fundamentally change what, how, and where people learn. We bring deep expertise in educational science, curriculum design, and instructional training to your teams, helping you build capacity while delivering flexible programs with profound impact.

Every program is enabled by our proprietary platform, called Forum™. This advanced virtual learning environment gives your learners deeply engaging classes with multiple learning modalities, and gives your instructors rich data collection and analytical tools.

Our Approach
Transdisciplinary Skill Development

Most curricula are a collection of courses that focus on specific aspects of discrete subjects, with little connection among them.

Minerva designs curricula to impart durable skills that can be transferred across disciplines. For each partner, we develop a customized learning taxonomy that underpins every component of the program.

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Dynamic Instruction

Most educators realize that the prevailing lecture-test paradigm is ineffective, and decades of cognitive and behavioral research prove it.

Instead of ignoring these findings, Minerva built its entire pedagogy on this body of evidence. We train instructors in its key methodologies, including Fully Active Learning, spaced practice, and frequent, formative feedback.

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Outcome-Driven Performance

Learner evaluation is typically based on a small number of high-stakes assignments and exams, resulting in a set of subjective grades.

In contrast, Minerva focuses on frequent feedback, using numerous inputs, including engagement metrics and learner performance over time. All assessments are driven by the specific outcomes defined in the learning taxonomy and are systematically scored using rubrics.

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Building Windows (curriculum metaphor)
Architectural Wave (pedagogy metaphor)
Architectural Scales (assessment metaphor)
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Changing the learning and business models in higher education ... is a matter of survival for some and a competitive necessity for all.
Boston Consulting Group (2021)
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