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Knowledge and Mindsets to Confront the Powerful Forces of Change


Because our collective future depends on innovative leaders and effective collaborators, Minerva’s educational programs equip learners with complex frameworks, intensive analytical skills and the critical wisdom to make consequential decisions and solve the world's most pressing issues.

Current educational systems were established to disseminate information and develop field-specific expertise. But as technology and globalization continue to disrupt the status quo, information alone leaves individuals ill-prepared for the unknown challenges of the future. 

Today, learners need the powerful mental models and adaptive skillsets to navigate rapid change.


Minerva’s innovative system will strengthen our interdisciplinary curriculum, engaging students in classes both large and small.

Dr. Jamshed Bharucha
Vice Chancellor
SRM University, AP, Amaravati

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Pioneering Solutions for Learning and Talent Development


Minerva works with innovative partners—from educational institutions to corporations, governments, and non-profit organizations—to reshape existing approaches to learning, while developing strategies for growing future talent.

Through close collaboration with your teams, we develop intentionally designed programs that impart cognitive tools, such as divergent problem-solving and evidence-based decision-making, that learners can apply in vastly different contexts and use to devise groundbreaking solutions.

Our customized solutions help you bring new programs into existence, enhance and retain talent, and increase access across geographies, redefining how, what, and where you teach—ultimately preparing learners at multiple levels to be more flexible, agile thinkers.


Scientific Approach

Rooted in the science of learning, Minerva’s approach to teaching prioritizes learner experience and outcomes.

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Global Access

Forum, Minerva’s proprietary learning platform, enables partners to connect to learners across geographies and timezones.

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Customized Learning Outcomes

Minerva works with partners to design learning outcomes that are broad, interdisciplinary and widely applicable.

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