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Minerva® can help your institution build innovative programs that improve the core learning experience, by integrating our instructional design expertise with our hybrid education platform, Forum™.

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We support multiple levels of program innovation.

We collaborate closely with teams across your institution to create transformational new programs, while building internal capacity. Focusing on high-quality learning experiences, we help you modernize your curricula to impart durable, transferable skills, and provide better value to your learners.

Together, we can create hybrid programs with coherence across diverse modalities to better address the needs of the modern workforce and society.

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New Universities

Our experience establishing Minerva University gives us profound expertise in every aspect of institutional development. Recent partnerships include the disruptive Universidad de la Libertad, a new business school in Mexico City that we are helping to create.

Building new universities is a complex undertaking and Minerva is the only partner equipped to support you at every stage.

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Institutional Transformation

Minerva helps you translate your strategic vision into operational reality by engaging teams across your institution. Partners like Zayed University, one of three large state institutions in the UAE, are using program innovation to drive broad institutional change.

In addition to our deep design and implementation expertise, we provide critical change management support, helping you achieve much more than you could on your own.

Our Approach
Colleges & Degrees

Minerva can help you create distinctive new colleges and interdisciplinary degree programs. Recently, our collaboration with the University of Miami led to their first truly interdisciplinary degree, the Bachelor of Science in Innovation, Technology, and Design.

By partnering with institutions around the world, we have become adept at tailoring our integrated solution to diverse learners and learning environments.

Our Approach
New Universities
Institutional Transformation
New Colleges & Degrees
Our Integrated Solution

Minerva provides the only integrated solution for creating high-quality hybrid programs. Each component, from curriculum to pedagogy to assessment, is inextricably linked through our learning ecosystem, called Forum.

Our expert instructional designers work with your teams to create a cohesive learning journey across multiple modalities. These experiences are woven together by a custom taxonomy of specific outcomes, and connected via our data-rich hybrid platform.

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Through deep collaboration, we intentionally design curricula to introduce and reinforce fundamental concepts, mental habits, frameworks, and methods. This curricular architecture interweaves the learning outcomes, emphasizing the development of durable skills that can be applied across disciplines and transferred to new contexts.

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Forum, our purpose-built education platform, provides high-quality instructional tools for synchronous, asynchronous, and experiential learning. The data-rich hybrid technology enables coherent — and equitable — learning experiences online and in-person. From course creation to class instruction to feedback and assessment, Forum integrates best practices from the learning science.

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Minerva emphasizes frequent formative feedback and assessment to further support the acquisition of key skills. This systematic, data-informed methodology eschews the standard focus on letter grades and high-stakes exams, allowing learners to take risks, while instructors track progress and nurture growth.

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Our Fully Active Learning™ pedagogy centers on deep learner engagement in diverse modalities, from online and in-person classes to immersive experiences. Using principles from the learning science, Minerva programs consistently deliver improved understanding, retention, and recall when compared to traditional lecture-based instruction.

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Toward the Hybrid Future

The key to successful hybrid implementation is matching your institution’s objectives, your teaching modalities, and your learners’ needs.

In our latest publication, Toward the Hybrid Future, we offer definitions and recommendations for university leaders implementing hybrid programs at their institutions.

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