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Minerva® works with teams throughout your institution to reimagine what, how, and where you teach, helping you catalyze innovation, inspire collaboration, and manage fundamental change.

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Our Process

Our learning experts guide you through a comprehensive three-phase process. This structured approach ensures the successful launch of programs that combine foundational skills, learning science, and hybrid technology.

We work with your leadership and instructional designers to conceive new programs and curricula that align with your institutional vision, culture, and brand; we work with your teaching faculty to help them adopt new instruction methods, based in learning science; and we support your staff, faculty, and administration in developing their own capacity for ongoing innovation.


Define & Plan
We start our process in close collaboration with you. We help articulate your vision, positioning, and objectives for the program, as well as define a custom learning taxonomy and curriculum architecture. These are then documented in a cohesive design plan.


Build & Prepare
In this phase, we begin executing the design plan. We work with your teams to construct each component of the learning journey and prepare your institution — including instructors, administrators, and learners — for program launch.


Support & Measure
We help launch your programs with ongoing technical, academic, experiential, and operational support, which are sustained for the lifetime of our partnership. Following launch, our impact measurement services provide insight into program quality, which inform program refinement and expansion.

Components of the Integrated Solution

Our integrated educational model unifies curriculum and pedagogy, within the Forum educational platform. Following is more detail on each component of our comprehensive approach.

Custom Learning Taxonomies
We help you define a hierarchy of learning outcomes, including high-level competencies such as critical thinking, sub-competencies like data analysis, and specific, teachable, and measurable skills. For example, techniques for identifying high- and low-quality sources of data can be taught, practiced, and assessed. We then ensure that these granular skills are woven throughout the curriculum, so every class, course, and course sequence incorporates the intended learning outcomes.
Interdisciplinary Program Architectures
The programs we help you design are deliberately structured to cut across disciplinary boundaries, introducing your learners to durable, transferable skills and continually reinforcing them over time — and across different courses — then requiring learners to practice them in new situations. By building the curriculum in this manner, we help your instructors focus on skill development rather than information dissemination.
Integrated Academic and Experiential Learning
We help your curriculum designers connect all aspects of each course, from pre-class readings and recorded lectures to in-class activities to assignments, projects, and on-site experiences. By integrating academic learning with experiential engagements, such as field research, community projects, and employer work-study programs, your courses enable learners to apply their skills in diverse contexts.
Evidence-Based Pedagogy and Instructional Design
All Minerva courses are built upon the science of learning. From active class engagement to interleaved concepts to deliberate, spaced practice, our approach uses evidence to inform our methodology, which has been honed over nearly a decade at Minerva University. We train and support your faculty in these best practices, providing them with a remarkably effective way to teach.
Engaging Instruction Across Modalities
Whether you are creating an online program or a new hybrid institution, participation is crucial to learning. We help train your faculty in active learning techniques that can be applied to diverse modalities, across virtual and in-person settings. Ensuring that learners are equitably engaged leads to more dynamic classes, better individual outcomes, and improved institutional impact.
Systematic Formative Feedback and Assessment
Instead of using high-stakes assignments and exams, we reorient the evaluation of your learners around their performance over time. Through frequent feedback from your instructors and long-term formative assessment of specific learning outcomes, we help your learners focus on developing their skills, rather than obsessing over summative letter grades.
Course Builder™
The Course Builder module enables your curriculum designers and instructional faculty to develop detailed lesson plans and syllabi for every course. Each lesson incorporates specific skills from your Learning Taxonomy, with a structured Timeline to ensure Fully Active Learning in each class session. The Minerva team supports your teams every step of the way, advising on optimal modalities, activities, and concepts to include.
Class Experience & Tools
Forum offers unparalleled functionality for conducting Fully Active Learning classes. For example, the TalkTime™ feature prompts your instructors to engage learners, including those who are more reticent, enabling equitable class participation. Learner performance data is also gathered in every class session, offering insight into when and how learners utilize the skills being taught.
Impact Measurement
The robust feedback and assessment dashboards in Forum give your instructors detailed rubrics for scoring each of the outcomes in your Learning Taxonomy. These scores are applied to class participation, assignments, and projects, providing an evolving view of each learner’s progress. In addition, Minerva offers regular qualitative studies, including instructor and learner comments, to evaluate the overall impact and efficacy of your programs.
As industry moves to skills-based hiring, postsecondary education has much to learn from Minerva’s intentional skill-building system that includes well defined learning goals, active learning, quality feedback, and repeated application.”
Tom Vander Ark, Forbes

University of Miami: Innovation Fellows

Lessons in Institutional Transformation

Minerva’s experience partnering with universities committed to innovation, has given us insights into what it takes to shift institutional foundations for lasting, sustainable transformation.

In this white paper, Lessons in Institutional Transformation: Five Takeaways from Successful Partnerships, we share our top five insights for university leaders who are reimagining the learning experience at their institutions.

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