Minerva Project
Our Approach
Fully Active Learning™ Pedagogy

All Minerva® classes use our evidence-based Fully Active Learning methodology. This approach to instruction is a systematic application of decades of cognitive and behavioral research in the learning process. Rather than the traditional lecture-test paradigm, which centers on information dissemination, Fully Active Learning keeps learners engaged in every class, while focusing on the development of enduring universal skills.

Minerva classes are “flipped,” requiring learners to digest information ahead of time and come prepared to participate in a wide range of activities, with strategic instructor interventions throughout, rather than rote lectures. Classes are constructed using a range of collaborative activities, including Socratic discussion, live polling, breakout groups, debate, role-playing, simulation, quizzing, and team projects. Instructors also routinely call on learners, especially those who participate less frequently, establishing a dynamic atmosphere in every class.

Fully Active Learning fosters deep engagement, and the lively exchange of ideas and perspectives that are hallmarks of the Minerva approach.

Students no longer want to sit in classrooms for four years and be lectured to over and over again. Instead, today’s college students want to engage in the world around them, from day one.”
Dr. Michael J. Sorrell
Paul Quinn College
Instructor Training and Coaching

The Fully Active Learning methodology demands both a working knowledge of educational science and repeated practice employing numerous instructional techniques.

To facilitate that learning and to build institutional capacity, Minerva provides partners with comprehensive instructor training. The intensive training includes a background in educational science, an introduction to the core instructional techniques and the capabilities of the Forum platform, and a series of practice sessions. At the end of training, instructors will be adept at class facilitation and the frequent feedback and Outcome-Driven Assessment that inform and guide each learner’s intellectual growth.

To support instructors over time, and provide observational insights to help them improve, Minerva also provides ongoing coaching. During program launch, Minerva conducts weekly meetings with the full instructional team to review the curriculum, share overall impressions, and gather feedback. At the midpoint and end of each term, Minerva team members meet individually with each partner instructor to answer questions, discuss techniques, and review video of their class sessions.

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