Podcast: Inside Voices


Inside Voices is a series of candid conversations by Minerva Project with higher education leaders who are transforming education. The conversation centers around the journey of transformation – often a bumpy process of triumphs and challenges that we must all navigate. 

In this episode, we dive deep into a topic on everyone’s mind right now – AI in higher education. Our guests, Jeronimo Prieto, Director of Development at Escuela Bancaria y Comercial and Sean Hughes, Manager of Partner Programs at Minerva Project and co-author of Integrating Artificial Intelligence: Key Strategies for Higher Education, share specific examples of how university leaders are already integrating AI across the learning experience. We explore the skills students need in an AI-enabled world, and discuss specific approaches to adopt AI for faculty, staff, and students.


The traditional model that teaches our students ‘what to think’ was broken before AI came along and is not equipped for an AI era. We need to start thinking about a new model that centers on giving students the durable skills that allow them to creatively use AI and go beyond what AI can do.”

Sean Hughes
Manager, Partner Programs, Minerva Project
Co-Author of Integrating Artificial Intelligence: Key Strategies for Higher Education

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