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Now, educational institutions can become more resilient, relevant, and sustainable.

Educational institutions around the world are confronting a host of concerns, from maintaining economic viability to the relevance of their academic programs. More people are questioning the value of obtaining diplomas and degrees in the face of skyrocketing costs; more institutions are consolidating or closing; and more external pressures pose existential threats to the status quo.

Through close collaboration, Minerva helps institutional partners undertake meaningful, often profound, change. Our educational approach utilizes a distinctive combination of curriculum design, with instruction, feedback, and assessment methodologies, which are tailored to institutional objectives and each learner population. These educational best practices are drawn from the science of learning and have been refined based on evidence from over six years of applied instruction. Minerva’s proprietary educational platform, Forum™ enables worldwide access and remote delivery of synchronous programs that are systematically designed to promote mastery of key skills and foster the transfer of those skills across domains and contexts.

To help partners enact such change, the Minerva team brings years of practical experience developing and implementing transformative programs. Our services include financial modeling; small- and large-scale curriculum design; instructor training and support; team coordination; infrastructure development, integration, and maintenance; communication and marketing consultation; learner assessment; and evaluation of program success.

Educational Partnerships

For educational institutions seeking to implement innovation strategies, improve instruction and outcomes, or undergo total systemic reform, Minerva is unrivaled. Our comprehensive model and deep expertise allow the rapid creation of transformational programs that fulfill institutional objectives and serve specific learner needs.

The power of our curricular and pedagogical model together with the flexibility of the Forum virtual learning environment offer three key benefits: increased learner access, improved instructional efficiency and efficacy, and enhanced institutional capacity and resilience. Partners can expand their geographic reach, upgrade their educational outcomes, and become more financially and structurally sustainable.

To help partners enact such change, the Minerva team brings years of practical experience developing and implementing transformational programs. Our services include financial modeling; small- and large-scale curriculum design; instructor training and support; team coordination; infrastructure development, integration, and maintenance; communication and marketing consultation; learner assessment; and evaluation of program success.

By partnering with Minerva, we are providing our students a new opportunity for engagement and practice with the skills that will better prepare them for their continued educational and professional journeys.
Peter Robertson, President of Laurel Springs School

Program and Curriculum Design

We support partners in all aspects of program and curriculum development to ensure programs are attuned to each group of learners, and include four consistent components: a scaffolded curriculum designed to teach skills, not content; instructional methods based on best practices from the science of learning; systematic feedback and assessment techniques; and the Forum learning environment, which is purpose-built to advance this educational approach. This model can be readily adapted to overhaul existing course offerings, devise new courses, and establish entirely new programs.

All Minerva curricula are structured to impart specific cognitive tools that are practiced deliberately and regularly over time, then applied across domains and transferred to unfamiliar contexts. This cross-contextual scaffolding allows learners to develop and master universal skills—critical thinking, creativity, effective communication, and collaboration—that are increasingly crucial for individual and collective success. The structure also enables learners to make informed choices, so that as they progress they build upon past learning to determine their future academic and professional paths.

The courses within the curriculum are equally intentional, selected and sequenced to develop underlying skills and knowledge, not disseminate information. While courses incorporate a variety of content, that is not the focus. Instead, the goal is to teach learners to find, understand, evaluate, and utilize information in service of making important decisions and solving complex problems.

In addition to full-service curriculum planning, design and implementation, Minerva offers an extensive set of multidisciplinary courses and curriculum modules for the rapid creation of programs based on our own university curriculum.

Instructor Training and Coaching

Because high quality instruction underpins educational effectiveness and program success, we prepare partner faculty to utilize modern pedagogical techniques. Instructor training focuses on practices that have been demonstrated to improve learning outcomes, including fully active learning, formative feedback, and systematic assessment.

Fully active learning is an evidence-based method in which learners are prompted to process course material by performing tasks that require them to consider, grapple with, explain, and apply what they are learning. This practice alone has been repeatedly shown to lead to deeper understanding, retention, and recall relative to traditional lecture-based instruction. To support this acquisition and application of newfound knowledge, instructors are also trained to provide frequent feedback, detailing the positive and negative aspects of each learner’s performance in class and on assignments. Further, assessment and grading are based on the application of skills to practical situations like those learners encounter in personal, professional, and civic contexts.

We initiate adoption of this methodology with a series of focused instructor training sessions, then help to encourage sustained adherence through regular coaching check-ins.

Platform Licensing and Support

In addition to curriculum design and pedagogical best practices, Minerva offers institutional licensing of its advanced virtual learning environment, Forum. Together with learner and instructor access, licensing includes onboarding and support for use of the robust features and modalities the platform enables. Unlike video conferencing tools, Forum is explicitly designed for educational purposes, integrating multi-stream video with diverse learning resources in a single platform.

Forum provides essential capabilities that empower Minerva’s educational approach, including creation of detailed course and lesson plans, a variety of flexible classroom sizes and formats, as well as powerful analytic, feedback, and assessment functions.

In-class features such as free-response poll questions, tracking of participation during class, editable documents and interactive resources enable highly dynamic experiences that puts student learning at the center of each session. All class sessions are also recorded so they can be replayed, tagged, and analyzed by instructors and learners alike. Keeping the focus in one site, with tools that enhance learner engagement while simplifying and improving instructor control, helps everyone participate more fully in the learning process.

With its sophisticated features, Forum allows institutions to systematically manage the entire academic cycle, from design of courses to delivery of classes to detailed assessments of learner performance.

Additional Services

The details are integral to the success of any program. Our multidisciplinary team provides a range of consulting services for planning, implementing, promoting, and delivering Minerva’s innovative approach to learning. Our goal with every partnership is to empower administrators and faculty to become self-sufficient, so programming can expand, more students can benefit, and educational outcomes improve.

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