Assessment & Impact Measurement
Learner evaluation should go far beyond subjective letter grades.

Minerva gives you deep insights into individual performance and growth in specific learning outcomes, as well as a comprehensive view of course and program effectiveness. Every class is recorded and all learners have access to their own performance data, instructors provide ongoing feedback with each session and assignment, and participants are regularly assessed and surveyed.

Our assessment and impact measurement provide a comprehensive view of the program’s efficacy, including:

In what ways are partner program goals achieved?

How much did students learn?

  • Learning outcome scores
  • Change in scores over time
  • Final Grade distributions
  • Pre/post assessments
  • Pre-post student self-evaluation
  • Comparison to non-Minerva courses (when possible)
  • Student perceptions (via survey responses)
  • Faculty perceptions (via faculty survey responses)

To what degree were students engaged?

  • Attendance
  • Attrition: drop/fail/withdrawal
  • Use of emoji reactions
  • Use of class chat
  • Hand raises (count)
  • Polls responded to (count)
  • Activity in shared documents
  • Talk time
  • Breakout participation
  • Comparison to non-Minerva courses (when possible)
  • Student perceptions of the program
  • Faculty perceptions of the program
  • Learner perceptions of faculty

What were faculty perceptions of Minerva training, support, and workload?

  • Faculty training and post-course surveys

Did faculty use effective teaching, assessment, and curriculum design strategies?

  • Grading progress data
  • Student evaluations
  • Minerva evaluations

What novel solutions or innovations, if any, were created through the partnership?

What are the recommendations for program improvement?