We know that systemic change is challenging and unpredictable (because we’ve done it).

Accelerating Institutional Change

Minerva educational programs have been tested in diverse cultural contexts, small and large class settings, and with a range of learners. Our collaborative approach to program development accounts for each institution’s learner population, the specific objectives for the program, practical requirements, and other constraints. By tailoring curriculum, course, and lesson designs accordingly, we help partners achieve their intended learning—and business—outcomes.

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Undergraduate Education

We collaboratively develop programming for general education and field-specific courses that are intentionally designed to improve learning outcomes and achieve partner objectives.

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Post-Graduate Education

Working with our partners, we build customized post-baccalaureate offerings, from complete graduate degree programs to certificate courses for professional learners to executive education.

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Secondary Schooling

Minerva partners with top secondary and high schools to deliver credit-bearing courses that prepare younger students for success at university and beyond.

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Pre-University Learning

Together with partners, Minerva provides learning experiences that enhance the potential of students in the beginning stages of higher education.

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Generating Business Value

Developing exceptional talent, whether in the public, private, or social sector, is a business mandate. Minerva is closing the so-called skills gap, helping to prepare individual learners and partner organizations for success in the modern age. At the same time that we sharpen learner capabilities and professional readiness, we deliver programs that provide immediate value for our partners.

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Talent Pipeline Growth

From discrete, short-term projects, through multi-year engagements, our work-study programs enable learners to explore a range of fields, while partner organizations benefit from relationships with high-quality young talent.

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Professional Learning

Minerva offers a range of curricula designed with professional learners in mind, from customized courses for individual teams to enterprise-wide onboarding, training, leadership, and professional development programs.

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Working Across Sectors

While innovation is a key mandate for nearly every institution and organization in the world, real transformation is a complex and formidable undertaking. The diverse expertise and shared experience of the Minerva team makes us the ideal partner for ensuring the process is thoughtful, the solutions are meaningful, and the results are profound. Our core competency is designing, building, and delivering transformational learning and talent development programs.

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of respondents said they could apply the concepts they learned in a professional context.

Minerva 2018 Course Surveys of learners at a partner institution

To offer new learning experiences, or enhance employee talent, Minerva will work with you to define your goals and design a program accordingly.

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Building the Intentional University

For more detail on our approach, read Building the Intentional University: Minerva and the Future of Higher Education (MIT Press)

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