Developing indispensable talent means dispensing with conventional approaches.

Bridging Worlds

As humanity faces increasingly complex, global challenges, we need to improve the relationship between academia, business, and government — to eliminate the barriers between learning and working. By gathering direct input from the professional world, Minerva informs the development of programming that equips learners at all stages with the skills needed to devise effective solutions, manage rapid change, and make decisions of consequence.

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Roadmap for Systemic Change

At the heart of the network sit Minerva’s university programs, which both demonstrate the efficacy of our approach and develop the leaders, innovators, and global citizens of the future.

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Uniting on Purpose

By connecting top talent with leading organizations in the public, private and social sectors, Minerva is building a global network capable of realizing profound change — the kind that reshapes societies. This collective is unified by a shared sense of purpose: to improve the human condition through the transformative power of education. We recognize that the future of work depends on the future of learning.

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Concentrating on Competencies

The skills needed for professional success are widely agreed upon, with critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, and adaptability topping the list. Instead of information-based instruction, Minerva curricula are built from an extensive set of cognitive tools that make up these core competencies.

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Executives now point to behavioral skills as the most critical for members of the workforce today.
IBM Skills Gap Report, 2019
Learning in Context

In addition to the academic offerings Minerva develops with leading educational institutions, we work with employers across categories to create a range of curricular, experiential, and project-based programs designed to deliver direct business impact.

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To offer new learning experiences, or enhance employee talent, Minerva will work with you to define your goals and design a program accordingly.

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Building the Intentional University

For more detail on our approach, read Building the Intentional University: Minerva and the Future of Higher Education (MIT Press)

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