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Modular Curricula

The Minerva curriculum has been built and refined by teams of experienced faculty who combine disciplinary expertise with Minerva’s distinctive pedagogy and design principles. In order to provide a flexible approach to program development and address the specific needs of partners and their students, various curricula can be implemented using a set of sequential course modules. These are structured to accommodate learners at various stages and readily integrate with existing course offerings.

Collegiate Accelerator

These unparalleled general education courses provide students with broadly applicable skills and knowledge that can be used across disciplines. The curriculum modules cover the same learning outcomes taught in the flagship undergraduate program of Minerva Schools at KGI. Two additional preparatory courses, known as Bedrock Courses, are designed to help a broad range of students to succeed in higher level courses. Depending on specific institutional needs, different sequences of these courses can be offered to complement other existing coursework.

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Leadership Accelerator

These business-focused modules are designed to empower emerging leaders to enhance their own performance and that of their teams. Courses combine scientific research with relevant business cases to develop management skills that are applicable to nearly every organization. From systems thinking to empathic understanding, the courses impart useful frameworks and practical techniques for deepening professional relationships and improving the efficacy of teamwork. 

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Custom Degree Programs

The Minerva team also works with partners to better serve existing students, or expand access to new ones. With deep experience designing structured curricula that meet accreditation requirements, Minerva collaborates with partner teams to create integrated courses and lesson plans that align with institutional goals and the needs of specific student populations, while adhering to the Minerva Educational Pillars. The resulting curricula are built specifically for fully active learning classes, which have been shown to yield improved learning outcomes. 

Key Benefits

Scalable curricular components

Diverse program types, from general education through leadership training

Integration with existing curriculum designs