Minerva is deeply principled and dedicated to enhancing your potential and enabling your success.

We are intensely focused on improving our collective future by advancing your individual development. Our organization is defined by seven Guiding Principles, which inform every decision we make. 

Finance & Operations Positions
Senior Accounting Associate

The Senior Accounting Associate on Minerva Project’s Finance team will ensure that we maintain accurate financial reporting that informs executive decision making, operational accounting process excellence and a streamlined employee experience, from onboarding to payroll and benefits admin.

Product Positions
Product Team Engineer

As a Product Team Engineer, you’ll be part of a small team that builds Minerva's flagship Forum software that is redefining the future of education. You will work in close consultation with other teams—including product management, marketing, academic, and company leadership. Your typical week will include designing, coding, and releasing new features. We’re big on collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and cross-training; and we start every week with a retrospective, so if something’s not working for us, we fix it. You can read more about our team and values on our Key Values page.

Product Manager

Do you want to help invent the future of learning online? Do you want to shape software that enables exceptional learning experiences? Minerva Project partners with high schools, higher ed institutions, and corporations to create transformational learning programs based on the science of learning, all of which are taught on our flagship Forum software. As a Product Manager on Minerva’s Product team, you will oversee large parts of Forum, both setting high level strategy and overseeing daily and weekly progress. You will have the support of regular coaching and also exercise independence and autonomy in making decisions. You will collaborate closely with academics and educators to push the state of the art in modern education.

Marketing Positions
Marketing Manager

Minerva Project is on an incredible growth trajectory fueled by the substantial shift in learning needs and the increased demand for improved learning solutions. We are looking for an Enterprise Marketing Manager, who will be responsible for building and implementing a range of strategic marketing efforts for the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. Reporting to our Managing Director of Brand & Creative, the Enterprise Marketing Manager has the vision and capabilities to develop integrated strategies and orchestrate the delivery of targeted campaigns across media, including content marketing, events, advertising, and social media. We are seeking a highly cross-functional individual, known for building trusted relationships between marketing and sales teams to deliver results for new clients and existing accounts alike.