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Minerva is deeply principled and dedicated to enhancing your potential and enabling your success.

We are intensely focused on improving our collective future by advancing your individual development. Our organization is defined by seven Guiding Principles, which inform every decision we make. 

Discovery Positions
Regional Manager, Western Europe

The regional manager outreach manager will grow our brand awareness across Western Europe, and lead direct outreach through talent identification, partnerships, and awareness-building activities in the region. The position requires 1) dedication to an entrepreneurial environment, 2) ability to manage from strategy to execution, 3) creativity to design novel partnership initiatives, 4) relationship management and engagement with key stakeholders, and 5) the passion and drive to deliver impressive results. The ideal candidate has to be passionate about the future of higher education with a proven record and a desire to build something that will last.

This role requires extensive travel throughout Western Europe. 

Finance & Operations Positions
Customer Success Manager

As the Customer Support Manager, you will oversee a team of students and contractors to provide outstanding customer support to users at Minerva Schools at KGI and our partner institutions. The Customer Support Manager is responsible for overseeing the work of customer support agents, defining more rigorous processes with the aim of improving our support offerings to partners, and using data analysis to provide proactive customer support and recommend product changes that could increase user satisfaction in the long-term.

Engineering Positions
UX Designer

Working closely with stakeholders, project managers and engineering, you’ll use your well-honed UX skills of research, analysis, design and validation to help improve the user experience of the Minerva Forum and shape the future of higher education in the process. 

Product Team Engineer

You’ll be part of a small team that works in close consultation with other teams—including product management, admissions, marketing, academic, and company leadership. Your typical week will include designing, coding, and releasing new features. We’re big on collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and cross-training; and we start every week with a retrospective, so if something’s not working for us, we fix it. Over the medium term, you will receive significant mentoring, feedback, and deliberate career development.