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Minerva collaborates with partners to design programs that deliver broad, interdisciplinary, and widely applicable learning outcomes.

Habits of Mind and Foundational Concepts (HCs)

Habits of Mind are cognitive skills that, with practice, come to be triggered automatically. These habits of mind include, for example, #systemsthinking, a discipline of understanding interrelationships, of seeing the whole and parts of the whole, of recognizing patterns of change. Minerva learners apply #systemsthinking repeatedly across different contexts so that eventually, that recognition of when to use #systemsthinking becomes automatic.

Foundational Concepts are pieces of fundamental knowledge that are broadly applicable. An example of a foundational concept would be distinguishing between correlation and causation. Application conditions for Foundational Concepts are harder to recognize automatically, but the actions are more well-defined and straightforward to apply than Habits of Mind.

These HCs are the foundation of practical knowledge — providing learners with skills and frameworks to constantly adapt, innovate and problem-solve in a changing world.